This website is a regularly updated resource for information on how UC Berkeley is working to prevent and address sexual harassment and sexual violence on campus. This site – produced by the UC Berkeley Office of Communications and Public Affairs, with help from campus units involved in these issues, contains frequently asked information such as policies, procedures and data/statistics.

UC Berkeley also maintains another website – – to provide the campus community with detailed information on where to access help or report sexual harassment and sexual violence.

Our commitment

Over the last few years the campus has launched a determined and comprehensive effort to address sexual violence and harassment on our campus community.

While the work continues, many steps are underway to strengthen our handling of sexual violence and sexual harassment, which range from offensive jokes and unwelcome requests for dates to assaults.

Our goal, through this web site, is to highlight campus efforts underway to address any and all types of sexual harassment and violence and provide important information regarding our policies, processes, and actions. Note: If you are in need of support or guidance in reporting on, or coping with, sexual assault or sexual harassment matters go to, a one-stop resource designed for survivors and those seeking to support them.